WR3 Web Sites

Criteria: Each category will be ranked on a scale from 1 to 5. Applicability: Can I use this website to help me with my classes? Ease of use: Is the website easy to navigate? Credibility: Is the website’s content from a reliable source? Quality of material: Is the website’s content something I would want to […]

CA2 Lesson Plan

Materials: String, scissors, pencils, paper. Introduction: “Which angle measurement are you more comfortable with, degrees or radians?” Allow answers, the majority will probably be degrees. “Does anyone know where degrees come from? Why are there 360 in a circle?” Allow answers. Mention that 360 is a nice number.  Babylonians liked it because there are approximately […]

WR2 Computer Systems Report

Rubric: Specs (e.g. speed, RAM, storage, battery life) Ease of use Software availability Compatibility with school’s tech User reviews Smart rating Price   I will use my hypothetical laptop to work on the same document at home and at school, and to hook up to the projector in my classroom. I will use it to […]

WR1: Computer Software Report

This was a great assignment! At first I was disappointed that I couldn’t use software I already knew about, since I know some great software, but I found three different things I can use in my class!   Criteria: Each category will be rated on a scale from 1 to 5. Cost: Is the software […]

CA2: Blogs

Children always talk about “what they want to be when they grow up,” but people rarely end up where they expected. This isn’t always bad–much of the time, people find professions they’d never heard of as a kid, never considered, and sometimes really enjoy. So I sometimes feel like I’m cheating when I realize I’ve […]