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Children always talk about “what they want to be when they grow up,” but people rarely end up where they expected. This isn’t always bad–much of the time, people find professions they’d never heard of as a kid, never considered, and sometimes really enjoy. So I sometimes feel like I’m cheating when I realize I’ve found myself exactly where I wanted to be.

I decided I wanted to teach when I was in middle school, and by college I knew that I wanted to teach “somewhere like my high school.” Here I am now, in my third year of teaching at that very school.

I graduated with 15 other students from a small, independent school. Fresh out of college five years later, I started my position there and initiated the school’s first AP Calculus program. Since the school was PreK-12, my first group of seniors actually went to school with me when I was in 12th grade and they were in 6th. I currently teach AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Honors Statistics, and Advance 5th-grade math. My kids are mostly high-school seniors with a few juniors and one precocious sophomore. All of them are either white or International students from China, with the exception of one Asian-American, which I didn’t realize until I sat down to type this. My students all have a relatively high socioeconomic status and are mostly high achievers, as the school is a fairly expensive college preparatory school.

In addition to my primary teaching, I also instruct three times a week at Mathnasium, which I love, teaching students of all ages and ability levels. I also private tutor in various subjects, which takes the majority of my remaining free time, and now I am working to get my credential with the rest of anyone who’s probably reading this blog.

My fourth regular job is dogsitting, which is a fantastic job that I highly recommend to anyone who is a dog lover but cannot own a dog. Picture related, it is my old dog when she was little.


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